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Writing - Review of the book Vertical by Rex Pickett.

The Eulogist

Life & Death - A cool play on a hot summer night in the South.

Get the low-down on Coffee in Brisbane

Cafe Reviews - A review of a website focusing on the coffee scene in Brisbane.


Cafe Reviews - A good door is hard to find.

The Bell Curve

Politics, Community & Society - Any book that stephen jay gould hated this much...has to have some merit.

Long Way Round

Travel - Review of the documentary of a motorcycle ride from London to NYC, that obviously went east instead of west...

Games for Gustav

Writing - Mostly a review of Yann Martell's latest book Beatrice and Virgil, but with an emphasis on the last chapter Games for Gustav.

Solitary Man

Movie Reviews - Jaws are not the only thing to fear, but it does start there.

Caged People

Lifestyle & Culture - San Diego's first (and probably last) Annual Oyster Fest.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters pulls the best in Portland

Cafe Reviews - Stumptown Coffee Roasters are brewing up a storm at their Seattle and Portland locations.